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AM Project Partners provides marine, civil and rail construction project management consultancy services as well as integrated training and resourcing solutions by upskilling and developing staff, workers and new talent from around the world.

Matt Hollstein - Founder
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AM Project Partners

We are connecting industries across all construction sectors – We provide integrated training and resourcing solutions by up-skilling and developing staff, workers and new talent from around the world. Our training programs and expertise enables individuals and teams to achieve extraordinary project outcomes.

AM Project Partners provides Construction Engineers, Project Managers, Supervisors and Support Staff with industry leading professional development content, taught by experts in their field with the aim to improve the construction industry at all levels. We offer tailored corporate training solutions to construction contractors, consultancies, government authorities and individuals.

Our training solutions are available as self-paced online courses, live webinars or delivered face to face in small groups. 

We also offer useful project management accessories and document templates via our online shop.

AM Project Partners founder Matt Hollstein, has been involved in more than 150 construction projects over an eclectic career spanning 25 years. He is a multidisciplinary Project Manager in marine, rail and civil areas.

Matt is highly experienced in integrating works within operational environments such as defence estates, ports, airports, or railways. He works with organisations of all sizes including government authorities, family-owned businesses, professional consultants as well as international companies.

Matt has developed a strong network of construction professionals who have the capability and experience to deliver an eclectic range of training and consultancy services to the construction industry.

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We work in challenging environments such as ports, airports, defence estates and railway corridors and are familiar with any size business. We utilise innovation, collaboration and creativity to solve complex problems and provide outstanding results for our clients.


Dredging and Reclamation , Sea Walls , Marine Structures and Reefs


Airports, Roads, Earthworks, Drainage, Railways, Urban



Ballast-less Track Systems, Civil Works, Bridges, Logistics