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Six reasons to hire a project manager.

Six reasons to hire a project manager.

Task ManagerIf in doubt, contract it out! Six reasons hiring a project manager will get the best results for you and your company.

There is no question, project management is in, and juggling acts where you have to become a master of multi-tasking is well and truly O-U-T.

Hiring an external project manager is becoming an increasingly popular solution in any industry regardless of the scope of the project. While you might consider a project manager an extra expense for your business, here are six reasons that a project manager is well worth the investment to bring your project to completion and add value to your business.


1) A project manager controls budget.

A project manager will put a structured budget in place and will make sure you get the best bang for your buck. Don’t forget, the project manager will have a lot of contacts in relevant industries which will mean they’ll get you the best price for any goods and services required to bring your project to fruition. Without a manager to take control, it’s easy for spending to get out of control and before you know it, you’ve used your allocated budget, and your project is nowhere near completion.

2) A project manager learns from their past mistakes.

This might be your first time delivering a project but for a project manager, you can almost guarantee that they’ve seen and done something similar in the past. This means that the wisdom that they’ve picked up along the way will be imparted on you and won’t cost you a single cent in trial and error that you’ll undoubtedly experience by managing your own projects.

3) A project manager allows you to focus.

Managing a project requires attention to detail that most business owners don’t have time for while they’re keeping their business-running-balls in the air. For a project to be managed promptly and efficiently requires attention that many business owners just don’t have the capacity for. A project manager concentrates on the project alone giving you the best opportunity to focus on running your business without distraction.

4) A project manager gives the project direction.

Without someone leading your project, it is easy to get side-tracked, and lack of accountability will mean delays and unnecessary expenditure. We’ve all been in those meetings about meetings where all the great ideas are discussed, the notes are made, but nothing is ever implemented. A project manager will take control and keep the wheels of the project turning from the outset right through to completion.

5) A project manager guarantees quality.

A project manager will take control of every element from budgets, plans, implementation, right through to analysis post-project delivery. Being accountable for your project means that every detail will be taken care of with precision and they’ll always provide a high-quality finished product that their company can be proud of.

6) A project manager minimises risk.

Risks to your business, whether financial or circumstantial can put the future of your company in danger. A project manager will identify any threats before the project begins and will adopt a contingency strategy in the case of any unforeseen risks eventuating.


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Many project managers work like an independent company within your company. They are often all-rounders with general business management skills and will be able to deliver a project seamlessly to get you results and add value to your business.