Leaders eat last by Simon Sinek


Simon Sinek’s bestseller book describes the ultimate leadership mindset that explains why some pull together and others don’t. Concepts such as practicing to be the last to speak is just one brilliant hint to become a better leader. Leaders eat last is a must-read book and must apply principle for any leader.


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Simon Sinek is an inspiring personality. He is a speaker and author as well as the initiator of the why movement. His Ted talk ‘start with why’ in 2009 attracted more than 37 million views worldwide. Simon decoded the concept of how successful and innovative organisations such as Apple communicate in the opposite way to anyone else.

Simon’s methodologies and concept have shaped AM Project Partners and Matt Hollstein’s way of thinking and is reflected in everything we do.

Published: 25th May 2017
ISBN: 9780670923175
Number Of Pages: 276

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