AM Project Partners has the powerful combination of passion, skills, and experience required to improve your business at all levels. Not only do we offer project management services, we also provide specialised consultancy support and training solutions to enhance your operations.

AM Project Partners is familiar with the whole lifecycle of a project from feasibility through to handover, specialising in marine and civil sectors. Our wide range of experience therefore qualifies us to work on the client-side or contractor-side, a blend which provides outstanding results.

We advise Principals in the early stages of a project on matters such as constructibility, methodology, procurement vehicles, approvals and general planning and continue on as the projects Superintendent or Principals Representative. 

For Contractors, we are able to project-manage your projects, being the Contractors Representative  or assist you during the tender stage.

In every assignment we undertake, we implement unique strategies to ensure positive project accomplishment. We believe in our own abilities and those we are working with, and project success is born collaboratively. 

Developing positive relationships with all internal and external stakeholders is one of our fortes, and in the attainment of project objectives, we work tirelessly to build positive relationships. 

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We can help you getting the most out of your team by sharing our experience with them. We fill the gap that universities leave open. We utilise latest methodologies to turn your graduates into seasoned professionals.

We offer a wide range of online courses and face to face delivered programs including corporate training solutions.

  • – Professional Development
  • – Hard Skills
  • – Soft Skills
  • – Leadership Development
  • – Mentorships
  • – On the job coaching

Individuals can enrol into our online courses to boost their professional development. For construction companies and associated organisations, we are able to develop tailored online learning and development programs for your staff. This online approach minimises training costs to your organisation and maximises employee skills and performance. No lost time and no expensive offsite facilitation.

Let’s work together to create the most innovative and streamlined version of your business. Our creative brains never stop and we can’t wait to help your organisation to adjust its processes and systems to accommodate past and future growth, providing you an edge above your competitors.

We critically review, streamline, optimise or redevelop your systems and processes and will make valuable suggestions for improvements specific to your organisation. We understand that there is no one size fits all and the timing of systems and process upgrades is critical. We help you to determine the best point in time when system upgrades are needed and help you implementing them. Common requirements include changes to financial reporting and controlling regimes to ensure effective governance of a growing portfolio, organisational restructure, recruitment, technology upgrades and software system implementations. Contact us today to discuss your needs and how we can assist your business. We have successfully helped organisations of all sizes.