Civil Supervisor Courses

Our selected short supervisor courses are ideal for anyone, progressing into a leading hand or supervisor role but also add great value to engineers and project managers. All prices displayed are our online prices. Enquire for face to face or live webinar delivery pricing.

Welcome to our online courses on construction supervision

Here, you’ll find comprehensive and up-to-date information about construction site management. From the basics of construction health and safety to advanced strategies for risk management, our courses provide everything you need to acquire or refresh your understanding of these essential areas of knowledge. With cutting-edge materials written by industry professionals, our courses give you the tools to stay ahead in today’s ever-evolving construction sector. Enrol today and start your journey towards becoming an expert supervisor.

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Annual Course Subscriptions for Individuals

Rather than purchasing a single course, get access to all of our courses and webinars. A subscription is a cost effective way to boost your professional development.

Subscriptions exclude VET Qualifications.


12 Month Plan
$ 49 Per Month
  • Ideal For Ongoing Development
  • All Online Courses
  • All Future Courses
  • Collect PDU Statements
  • 12 Month Duration
  • Monthly Payments
SAVE 40%

No contract

Month to Month
$ 79 Per Month
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Ideal for Short Term Learning
  • All Online Courses
  • All Future Courses
  • Collect PDU Statements
  • Monthly Payment

Tailored Corporate Training Solutions

Imagine a professional training and development program for your civil construction business that provides industry-leading training content by being the most relevant, flexible, scalable and cost-effective solution in the market, giving your organisation an edge in innovation and excellence. Welcome to AM Project Partners, where civil construction employers of choice source cutting-edge training solutions. Contact us to explore training options.

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Online Delivery

Get access to our online training platform for all your staff. We coordinate enrolments, track progress, send reminders and provide support to learners as they complete their training.

Live Webinars

To increase commitment, accountability and completion rates, scheduled live webinars are a convenient and effective training method. We schedule all sessions and take the training admin burden away from you.

Face-to-Face Classes

The ultimate training method, provided your staff are located within close proximity. Face-to-face delivery is a great opportunity to combine a training day with a conference or team-building activity.

Training Administration

We will take on the administrative requirements. We manage scheduling enrolments, tracking progress, updating training records and more.

Consultancy Support

Under this long-term partnership model, we also offer additional consultancy support for onsite coaching, contract disputes and training administration for DTMR projects (TPAS).

Scalable & Affordable

Our training and development solution is a long-term partnership model for construction contractors, consultancies and government authorities of all sizes.