Contract Deliverables Tracking Spreadsheet Download


Be compliant with your contract and compile all your deliverables in one master tracking spreadsheet. Use this template to track any contract deliverable including project management plan submissions, notification requirements, reporting requirements or hold points. The conditional formatting will calculate turnaround days and colour code certain cells as required. The formatting allows for progress tracking and progress reporting as you go.

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This tool is in particularly useful for tracking the review process of documents if the contract requires you to have certain documents approved prior to commencement on site. Add the key dates as you go and create a record of all submissions and turnaround times. On some projects, this could become an important document to proof disruptions or other delays by maintaining a detailed timeline of events.

You can also use this tracker to supplement progress reports and fulfil document control requirements e.g. revision tracking and version control of project plans etc.

Track your teams progress whilst documents are developed and track reviewers on how they are compliant with contractual review time frames.

The sheet allows for several resubmissions of documents but you can delete anything that is not required. The file is unprotected and can be customised to suit your needs.

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