A Deep Dive into Legendary Leadership – Why some great Leaders don’t succeed


AVAILABLE IN LATE 2023 – Why Do scuba diving students trust their instructors almost instantly with their lives and why it takes so much longer for employees to trust their leaders with anything? Replicate the three-way leadership model used by Dive Instructors in your business.

From Matt Hollstein’s One-Minute-Pitch at the TEDx Brisbane event, he started to convert his idea into a full talk and subsequent book, explaining why scuba diving students trust their instructor with their lives so much faster than any team member would ever trust their leader at work with anything.

He has been asking himself this question since becoming a PADI Scuba Instructor in 2013 and has now finally solved this puzzle.

There are three fundamental ingredients for leadership success within a business. The first one, you are surely not surprised, is YOU and your very own personal leadership skills however, you will highly likely not succeed without another two very important ingredients aligning.

These other two are not entirely in your control but once you understand how they all interact with each other, you will find ways to influence them. If you like to find out what these other two ingredients are and how you can replicate this unique environment in your business, you will unfortunately have to wait for the launch of my book in late 2023.


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I don’t know about you, but I live in two completely different worlds.

And no, I’m not high, delusional or suffering from some kind of personality disorder!

What I mean is, as a full-time project by manager AND a scuba diving instructor, I see the world in two very different ways –

The most obvious being the fact that for part my time I’m on dry land and for the rest I’m mostly underwater, submerged in an incredible world and engaged with an incredible community of everyday people and exceptional professionals. 

Now, I’m not here to talk to you today about the how incredible diving is or how breathtaking the underwater world can be – you can go and see Avatar for a taste of that! – or go diving yourself. . .

I’m here to talk to you today about LEGENDARY LEADERSHIP and answer two questions that have been on my mind for many years:

The first is:

What ARE the elements of GOOD LEADERSHIP that make my students feel safe in the hands of a COMPLETE STRANGER when they’re COMPLETELY out of their depth underwater?

The second is:

How do we TRANSFER those underwater leadership elements to the development of effective everyday leadership on land?

This is in a nutshell, is what my book is about.