Effective project management requires the use of a broad range of tools and systems. On this page, we share with you the management systems that we frequently use depending on the nature of the project. We can help you to determine which tools and systems are most appropriate for your organisation or project and help you implement them to ensure you use them to their maximum capacity.

Whether orchestrating simple tasks or complex portfolio management, PMO leaders rely on Smartsheet to align the right people, resources, and schedules to get work done. The flexibility of Smartsheet allows easy project-specific customisation and collaboration within your team. The cloud-based system comes with an app for your tablet or smartphone. Its flexibility can be used in many ways. Interested in implementing Smartsheet within your organisation? We can do it for you and train your team.
With Aconex, all parties use the same system to guarantee consistent, connected communication and workflow processes. You get full visibility and accountability, with a complete audit trail of every action and decision. We use Aconex on major projects to manage tender packages, correspondence and documents within a project.
Evernote is a great tool to help keep you organised. Use it for general note-keeping on your Mac, PC and touch devices with automated synchronisation. Evernote allows you to attach files to notes and add tags to assist with the search for later reference. Notes can be emailed or shared with other Evernote users.
A cloud-based storage drive that integrates with your PC, Mac or touch devices. Dropbox allows you to work on your local computer whilst offline which is particularly convenient during travel and in remote locations. As soon as an internet connect is available, Dropbox will synchronise all your files in the background across all devices. The mobile app allows you to upload and access files and media directly from your phone.
Make quick and accurate decisions with more than 20 key features. From forecasting costs, to tracking variations, extensions of time, progressing claims and actual costs. Expert Project provides all the essential tools for financial project management, plus more. We have extensive experience in implementing Expert Project within a project team and if you’re interested in implementing Expert Project within your organisation…we can do it for you and train your team!
Professionals often choose more complex scheduling software such as Primavera or Asta however MS Project is very simple to use and easy to learn. If a project is less complex and the Project Manager has time to maintain their own schedule, Microsoft Project is highly suitable for the task.
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