Online learning is just as important in today’s digital world as face-to-face classroom learning.

As sophisticated developments in technology provide better collaboration opportunities between industry experts and those who wish to learn, students wishing to sharpen their professional development skills now have the world quite literally at their fingertips.

Whether you’re employed full-time and looking to upskill for an upcoming opportunity, or you’re looking to increase your overall employability, the benefits of online learning for professional development can’t be ignored.

If you’re considering further study for professional development, here are some of the benefits of online learning.

It fits in with your lifestyle

Professional development is a priority for many. Whether you’re upskilling as part of your current role or looking to improve your employment opportunities in a new industry, online learning can fit in around all current commitments.

However busy your days, there is always time to add an extra hour or two onto the start or end of any day. When you choose online learning for professional development, you don’t have to give anything up to make studying work for you, on your terms.

You can learn at your own pace

In a classroom environment where lessons are specifically timetabled, there’s a fair expectation that all students will learn at the same pace. When you choose online learning, you can learn at a speed that suits you. Whether study is in short, sharp bursts or you spend days on end going over course material, you can find the learning style that suits you to get the best results.

You can go over bits you’re not sure of

Rarely does a classroom full of students all understand the same subject matter in the same way at the same time. When learning online, if any modules take longer to digest and comprehend, you can go over them in your own time until you’re confident on the subject in question.

You need minimal equipment

All you really need to undertake online learning successfully is a laptop or computer and a stable WIFI connection. You can get started relatively cost-effectively in comparison to classroom learning where you might need to arrange transport, parking and perhaps there’s even a dress code to abide by.  If you’re reading this and considering an online course for professional development, the chances are you have everything you need to start today!

More time with your family

Family life doesn’t stop because you’ve decided to invest in your professional development. Online learning means you can still be there for school drop-offs and pickups, after-school activities, and family holidays. The beauty of online learning is that it can be done after the family is in bed and before they wake up meaning you can advance your career without missing precious moments.

You can still work

Online courses allow you to carry on working as normal. You won’t ever have to waste leave days to attend seminars and lectures. Nor will you have to lose money by taking days off to complete assessments. This is particularly important if you’re studying as part of a course where you can still gain the hands-on, practical experience relevant to your study.

Choose your learning environment

When you choose online learning, you can also create the most ideal learning environment to suit you. You might not excel in a stuffy classroom with lots of distractions (as is the case for many people), but you can instead create a comfortable, inspiring environment that aids cognitive function. You can also mix it up and take your laptop into the great outdoors or to a local café. Online learning gives you the freedom and flexibility to study wherever suits you.

You will learn critical skills

Online learning requires critical personal skills which are transferable into everyday life and especially your career. Without a tutor setting strict deadlines and monitoring progress, motivation, self-discipline and clear communication skills are essential. If you can’t motivate yourself to sit down and study or you lack the discipline to complete assignments without someone monitoring progress, you’re unlikely to reach key milestones either personally or professionally.

The good news is, the skills and personal qualities required to achieve success can be learnt. Regardless of subject matter or professional goals, those critical life skills can be extended into other areas of life to achieve success in the workplace.

Subject matter is unlimited

Online learning connects you with industry experts in any field, anywhere in the world. No longer are you restricted to local tutors or businesses. The world is quite literally your oyster as you access development opportunities with those most highly regarded in your profession.

You only pay once

Once you’ve paid for an online course and any subject matter, there are rarely any further costs incurred. Most courses allow you to return to the subject and key learnings forever so the course becomes a valuable resource into the future.

Online learning is professional development on your terms.

AM Project Partners provides online courses developed by construction industry experts for principals and contractors in the construction industry.

Current courses include:

  • Introduction to Contract Law
  • Time Management
  • Communicate and Negotiate with Influence
  • Many more to come all the way through to your Diploma in Project Management

If you’re considering professional development in project management, AM Project Partners looks forward to helping you grow. Contact us today to find out more.