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Getting started with a scheduling software can be overwhelming however, most construction engineers and project managers only update existing MS Project schedule files rather than creating one from scratch. Even if a new schedule is required, starting with an existing file from a previous project is a simple ways to get a head start.

In this course we will explain the basic functionality of MS Project and the steps and functions required to revise an existing project file. Scheduling softwares have many similarities  and even if you are using a different software package, the basics methodologies are the same.

Don’t have access to MS Project? Sign up for a free trial on the Microsoft website (not required for this course but recommended).

What you will learn

We have structured this course into several topics;

  1. Opening and viewing an MS Project File and basic controls
  2. Saving the project under a new name, setting a baseline and updating project information
  3. Basic formatting and printing
  4. Basic scheduling, predecessors, successors and other dependencies
  5. Critical path
  6. Status updates (revisions)
  7. Useful filters e.g. look aheads, completion status
New to MS Project? Watch the Promo to get a feel for what else is possible with this software package.


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  • This course can count towards your annual professional development efforts as required by certification bodies such as PMI. A PDU Statement is available on request.



About the Instructors

AM Project Partners was founded in 2015 by experienced Project Manager, Matt Hollstein. With a proven 24-years industry experience, Matt has developed a strong network of construction project managers who have the capability and experience to deliver a wide range of construction projects. Matt’s experience extends as a multidisciplinary Project Manager in marine, civil, and industrial areas. Matt is highly experienced in integrating works within operational environments such as defence, airports, railway, ports and facilities. He works with organisations of all sizes including government authorities, family-owned businesses and international companies.