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This online course is ideal for new or experienced project engineers or project managers to supplement hands-on experience with more formal methodologies. 


Managing stakeholder engagement is an essential part of project management. It is the process of communicating and working with your project stakeholders to identify their needs and expectations and to determine the appropriate actions needed to satisfy these. Stakeholders may be individuals, groups, or organisations who affect or will be affected by a project decision, activity, or outcome. They also include those who perceive themselves to be affected by the project. Primary stakeholders may include stockholders, suppliers, creditors, employees, and customers. Secondary stakeholders may include the general public, communities, government institutions, labour organisations and the media.

Various organisations and bodies of knowledge consider stakeholder engagement as a key principle of corporate social responsibility, which is a type of self-regulation that helps companies to be socially accountable. This practice allows them to be conscious of their impact on various aspects of society. It is also a strategic initiative which contributes to a company’s reputation.

Stakeholder engagement can be understood in various ways using different theoretical perspectives. Although it is widely recognised that stakeholder engagement is related to and is the basis of good corporate governance, stakeholder engagement may or may not entail a moral dimension; therefore it is important to study stakeholder engagement as a morally neutral practice.

Stakeholder engagement is necessary to understand your stakeholder’s views on social and environmental issues and to involve them in decision-making. The theory behind stakeholder engagement is that it is not a mere communications process where your goal is to influence stakeholders into agreeing with your decisions. Its essential tenet is the idea that stakeholders can influence your project’s decision-making process.

As a project manager, it is your responsibility to manage your stakeholders’ engagement to ensure the success of your project. You will have to assess their interests and expectations and determine forms of engagement. Throughout the course of your project life cycle, you will be monitoring their engagement, assigning roles and responsibilities, as well as supporting your stakeholder’s development needs. You will also be responsible for reviewing and documenting any improvements necessary for your engagement processes.

In this course, you will learn how to assess your stakeholder’s interests as well as how to monitor, review and manage stakeholder engagement.


  • Online, live webinar or face to face
  • Online version is 100% online, self-paced with text, pictures, graphics, videos and quizzes
  • Approximate duration 4 hours with 12 months online access
  • A full PDF Course Manual is provided for your records
  • Weekly Q&A video calls are available on demand
  • Unlimited email support


  • Certificate of Completion issued by AM Project Partners which will be a valuable record to document your professional development efforts.
  • This course can count towards your annual professional development efforts as required by certification bodies such as PMI. A PDU Statement is available on request.
  • This course is not accredited under the VET Framework however, the course content complies with the requirements of the VET Unit of Competency Number BSBPMG538 and forms part of the Diploma in Project Management BSB50820, provided an additional assessment is completed by the student (attracts additional cost).
  • Contact us if you are interested in getting your BSB50820 Diploma in Project Management.

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About the Instructors

AM Project Partners was founded in 2015 by experienced Project Manager, Matt Hollstein. With a proven 24-years industry experience, Matt has developed a strong network of construction project managers who have the capability and experience to deliver a wide range of construction projects. Matt’s experience extends as a multidisciplinary Project Manager in marine, civil, and industrial areas. Matt is highly experienced in integrating works within operational environments such as defence, airports, railway, ports and facilities. He works with organisations of all sizes including government authorities, family-owned businesses and international companies.